Battle at Kruger

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Winner! YouTube’s Best Eyewitness Video.

A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park while on safari.

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Featured on National Geographic, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC!



Ryan Dobermann says:

World War 2 of the Animal Kingdom — The Battle of Kruger

Nazi Lions attack the unprovoked Communist Buffalo’s surprising them
smashing through their small defences. They manage to split up the
Communist buffalo troops and encircle the captured buffalo with a pincer
movement ….
Communist Buffalo looks doomed .

British Croc’s declare war on Nazi Lions and attack .. However the British
Crocs don’t make much impact on the war as this fight is on land and the
British are just no match for the Nazi lions on land so try to drag the
fight into the water to give the advantage however the Nazi Lions are too
smart and powerful for the British Crocs and pull the fight deeper into
Nazi territory on land … British Crocs decide to play it safe and retreat
However now the Nazi lion’s are fighting on two fronts something they
highly wanted to avoid during this war …

Communist Buffalo’s were planning for a massive counter-offensive and went
to gather up their troops ..
Nazi lions still believe they can beat Communist Buffalo’s with their
superior weapon advantage .
However the Nazi Lions underestimated the man (bull) power advantage the
commie buffaloes had during the war .
A massive counter offensive is launched with the sheer numbers of Communist
Buffaloes n they destroy the Nazi Lions ….

Nazi Lions suffer a humiliating defeat and retreat ….

And that’s how the Battle of Kruger was won …

I just had to write this every time I try to look up the Battle at Kursk
this seems to come up lol ! 

Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen says:

The icing on the cake would have been if they thrusted the lions into the
lake and they got eaten by the crocodile

Wayne Johnson says:

One of the most watched animal videos ever placed on
YouTube. This has a happy surprise ending. If you have never seen this
before, you don’t know what you are missing!

xSkitZx says:

Lions regroup shortly after –
“Guys. Guys… Guys……… Guys… What the f*** just happened?”

mona may says:

Humans should finally start learning from animals. What the buffalo herd
has been able to accomplish, we, as the human species can also accomplish
against the 1% of psychopaths in our population. 1% of psychopaths in power
will lose that power in a very short time, if only the masses of humanity
could finally wake up.

shankyxyz says:

the buffaloes should have gored all the lions. i mean they were there lying
on the ground. just fucking run into them with ur horns.

BarbariskaP says:

these buffalos, lions, and that crocodile have no idea that they are
youtube celebrities, and that their struggle was recorded. for them it was
just another day in the hood.
what if we are being filmed/documented by aliens (or something)? and some
of our daily interactions are being studied on another planet without us
knowing it. 

MrEyesonthelies says:

What an amazing set of teamwork shown by the buffalo, to say enough of
predatory institutions (Lions and crocodiles in this instance), we are
standing up and are not going to be slaves to the appetites of the lions
and crocodiles no more.

wastedyouthoftoday says:

still impresses me no matter how many times i watch it. too amazing!

Benjamin Jack Kata Finau says:

one of my favourite internet videos evah

Julius Fawcett says:

f you love the animals, how’s about eating a vegan diet? I am wishing
everyone peace, love and harmony xxx xxx

Miles Anderson says:

South Africans are the worst people in the world

Brooklyn Burrows says:

BRUH!!! first buffs, then lions, then alligator, then buffs!

Bk Jeong says:

I wished the buffalo tossed a lion in the water and the crocs got to have a

All three species showed good teamwork (and yes, crocodiles will cooperate
to tackle large prey like buffalo, even though the duo failed this time)

Reddoric EuphItor says:

Pardon me good sir, but I would like to bestow you all with some insight on
this parapety.

These days any idiotic olf can become rich while hard working intelligent
redditors are stuck at minimum wage jobs, there needs to be a revolution in
society so its true masters (the redditors) can take back what is ours.

Sincerely – Reddoric, moderator of /r/politics

ERNIE S. says:

Damn people, STFU and let me watch!!!

David Andersson says:

why haven’t i seen this before!!

Peter Ekka says:

Feeling bad for the generous lions.. They were only trying save the baby
Buffalo from that evil crocodile.. 

MarqueseScottNonStop says:


Kevin Stagg says:

Watch these water buffalo save their calf from lions and a crocodile. 

Darryl Van Gaal says:

This is nature at it’s best!!!
Well worth the watch!

pjs24 says:

Surprised Jim Schwartz wasn’t carried off at the end. 

Zafirah Burrell says:

Well… That was intense

KillerIntstinct says:

The Lions have been dethroned! 

dapanda13 says:

Surprised I haven’t seen some idiot bash on the lions for trying to eat
that calf.

o2DP says:

Excellent fight by the buffalo. Its like they had it rehearsed, from
surrounding them, to that first strike tossing the lion in the air, to the
alpha male chasing them off.

On the other hand, that pack of lions put on a weak game. not only could
they not even kill the calf, but their bounty almost got stolen by a croc,
and the got cornered. not strategy their at all. amazing video.

Nadezhda Barabanova says:

аж до слёз. ещё говорят что люди существа разумные. люди ведут себя хуже

Tess Tickles says:

Nature is a fucking BITCH.

Bob Fox says:

The Buffalo that charged and chased off the first lion is the same Buffalo
that charged & flipped the 2nd Lion up in the air. That Buffalo gets a lot
of female Buffalo a$$, I guarantee it.

Zapinou Toutou says:

Mieux qu’une fable de La Fontaine! Super exemple d’entraide au niveau des
espèces. Kropotkine, se démarquant légèrement de Darwin, avait déjà (un peu
avant 1900) mis en avant l’entraide comme l’un des facteurs de
l’évolution… L’espèce homo sapiens serait-elle la seule à voir ses
membres se torturer et s’entretuer à tour de bras???

Dianna M says:

Just in case there’s someone besides me that has never seen this video; the
ending is fascinating!

Asoka Liyanage says:

An Incredble Encounter in the Wild
This video, shot in South Africa on a safari tour, shows us the most
amazing dance of life and death between Lions, Buffalos and Crocodiles.
This is one video you have to see to believe.

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